Rich Wigstone

Birth Name: Richard A. Wigstone
Nick Name: Wig!

Birthday: May 17th

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Some

Instruments Played: Vocals, electric and accoustic guitars, percussion, and some Keyboards

Education: G.H.S. Geneva Il, and, Southwestern College, Winfield Kan. English and Creative Writing.

Military: U.S. Army, Republic of Viet Nam. Purple Heart, Bronze Star.

The first word I remember, used to describe me was, “mimic”. Since I was 4 my parents would “drag me out” to perform piano, or do impressions of famous people for the company. I always said I didn’t want to. But, I did.

Hero’s and Role models: People who show up, and stand up.

Favorite music I couldn’t be without: Beatles, CSNY, Todd Rundgren, And, Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Quote: “I wish things weren’t like they were, but, things are so much like they are, that I don’t think they could be like they’re not.”

Family: Smart, patient Wife, and two beautiful grown Daughters.

All fantasies that kids have about what they will be when they grow up, were put on hold the night I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Unknown to me at the time…….they changed my life.

Actors and Actresses: Jimmy Stewart, Morgan Freeman, Donna Reed, Myrna Loy, and, Natalie Portman

Loves: Family, Fishing, Music,

On Life: I believe your attitude and success depend in great part, on how you deal with Plan B, or C, or W.

On Faith: Yay God!

This project we embarked upon, to see our music realized as The Willing, has saved my sanity. John, Kent, Dave, Dan and Chris are intelligent, funny to the bone, uncommonly creative, and the hundreds of “in jokes” that have formed over the years, are without a price tag. I am blessed to have them as true, life long friends.