The Willing continue to write and produce great original music in the Adult Alternative, Americana genre, and appeal to a large variety of musical tastes, including Melodic Rock. ‘Full Circle’ is the band’s fourth album. The Willing’s first three albums include ‘Unfinished Business’, ‘Right Direction’, and’ e•motion² as well as four singles, ‘Ancient Astronauts’,  ‘Angels Sing (of Christmas)’, ‘Wonderful Life’, and a cover of ‘If I Needed Someone’ by The Beatles. All four singles have supporting videos. The entire Willing catalog is a great listen and Rave Song Records is happy to have them.


This Chicagoland quintet played the Midwest in the 1970’s under the name ‘Ultima Thule.’


After moving to a 14 room Victorian in Milwaukee, they lived, rehearsed, wrote, took on a booking agency and toured the heartland. They covered groups like The Beatles, Eagles, Pink Floyd and CSNY.  They have since all played solo, and with different bands, including two international recording contracts with CBS records (The Boyzz / The B'zz), and surfaced again in 2008, all members intact, as The Willing.


This band can sing! With their lyrical insight and beautiful harmonies, we can only imagine you will find something you like. All 5 members are singer/songwriters, guaranteeing there is always a new path to follow. You are invited on an emotional rollercoaster that is The Willing. Their new album ‘Full Circle’ release in March 2021.



Exciting new CD "Full Circle" release March 2021

Exciting new CD "Full Circle" release March 2021

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