John Krahenbuhl

Birth Name: John D. Krahenbuhl

Nick Name: Quam


Hey, I'm John a member of the "THE WILLING" . I have a very difficult last name to pronounce. So that explains why my family, friends, co-workers and band mates all have renamed or nicknamed me with some very unusual names.

Does anybody remember the movie "Stand by Me"? That was "my childhood". Walking the tracks over trestles with my friends. A river runs through a valley in the center of my town. I still have the same buddies from school, church, playing sports & playing music. We swam the quarry, slept in the woods and drank our first beer together. (Go North American Bums!)

I've preformed in bands and groups since I was an 8th grader. Louie, Louie, Satisfaction, & Gloria "Baby". I was a front man in my earliest experience. I love singing harmonies.

"Willing" member Dave O & I also preform in the trio "Raleigh Tuckers" with one of our old friends Buddy Ringo he is a Ravesong recording artist as well and is a personal inspiration to me.

It's a blessing for me to be doing a record with "The Willing". Ever since we reassembled I've been electrically charged and see more exciting projects ahead of us. I love these guys like family.

My hope:  That our listeners will feel the passion, love and integrity we long to share in our music.

My inspiration has always come from God, the best family ever, a treasure chest of friends and the experiences from a place called "the blue planet, earth".

Musical inspiration:  Beatles, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Three Dog Night. Some local favorites are Shadows of Night, Crying Shames, Chicago, The Flock, The Buckinghams, and blues man Buddy Guy. I love progressive music Moody Blues, Tull, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Santana, Humble Pie, Allmand Brothers, Eric Capton and of course "The Floyd".

Thanks for reading please check out our music and soon to be released CD.