In their three decade-long career, The Willing (originally called "Ultima Thule" in the 70s) has literally been there and back--from an IL garage to performing non stop to a break up & reforming with all six original members --and has come out of it all as a durable and successful American rock act.

The Willing have refined their Adult Contemporary, Adult Alternative sound by utilizing the  numerous songwriters in its ranks in the forms of Rich Wigstone (Guitar / Vocals), John Krahenbuhl (Keyboards / Vocals), Chris Gough (Guitar), Dan Smith (Keyboards / Vocals), David Angel (Bass / Vocals), & Kent Cooper (Drums / Vocals). With five songwriters, The Willing are never at a loss for new material! The Band follows the tradition started by The Beatles of having multiple lead singers & combinations of backup singers. Through it all, they continue to redefine and challenge their dynamic sound.

The sextet was born in the 1970s playing a mix of Rock & Progressive music, always taking advantage of their strong vocal power. The band lived & rehearsed together in a 14 bedroom Victorian house in Milwaukee Wis & toured throughout the Midwest refining their music performing original songs & covers by Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Eagles, The Moody Blues & The Beatles. During the break up of The Willing, Kent Cooper, Rich Wigstone & David Angel went on to form CBS recording artists The Boyzz, but after The Boyzz dissolved rejoined the ranks of The Willing.

(Think Crosby Stills Nash & Young meet The Eagles meet Tom Petty's rhythm section with a slight pinch of Pink Floyd!)

These six close friends continue to score with new fans focusing on their strong vocal harmony work & clever songs.
The Willing recently completed recording their 2nd full length CD “Right Direction” released on Rave Song Records. The new CD is exploding with a powerful rhythm section, the soaring vocal power of five part harmony, all wrapped up in catchy well written songs with memorable melodies!

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Exciting new CD "Right Direction" will be released March / April 2016!

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